Everything we do starts with strategy.

We partner with our clients to create custom strategies that connects their business with customers at all stages along the consumer journey. Our well-conceived digital strategies and campaigns push brands forward in the consciousness of customers.



Strategic Analysis

In a competitive marketplace, it is critical to stand out. There’s no question that digital is now an important piece in any marketing strategy. When it comes to choosing the right digital channels to invest in, we know it can be overwhelming, that’s where we come in:

We help our clients see the bigger picture, so they can insightfully make the right marketing decisions to grow their business. We start by understanding the entire scope of your organisation so that we recommend the right digital marketing solutions to meet your business needs, and implement them consistently across all touch-points and channels.

Services include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Customer Insight
  • Market & Competitor Analysis
  • Web and Social Media Audit
  • Content Strategy Analysis

Goals & Objectives

An astounding 9 out of 10 companies fail to execute strategy. The question then is, why?

The success of a digital strategy is based on having SMART goals and objectives. This is crucial because it clarifies purpose and identifies focus areas of all the digital marketing activities.

At DigialFlip, we collaboratively work with our clients to define SMART digital marketing goals and objectives with clear KPI (key performance indicators). We narrow down the focus areas and digital activities against which predefined expected returns can be executed and evaluated to deliver measurable ROI.



Campaign Planning & Creation

Businesses today have more digital channels and options than they know what to do with. There are many channels that can deliver real business value. Choosing the best options to execute consistently across all the customer touch-points can be very difficult. This is where our years of experience creating and delivering digital products is vital.

Services includes:

  • Campaign ideation
  • Audience segmentation and location
  • Customer journey and user experience process mapping
  • Campaign actualisation channel and ROI definition per channel
  • Customer engagement timeline per each channel


Campaign Actualisation

An effective marketing solution delivers integrated campaigns that aligns with the social style of the target audience.

By defining flexible engagement timeline, we help our clients build actualisation routes by systematically designing each campaign or channel to lead into the other. Using call to action to move audiences through the engagement loop from prospects to advocates.

Our mission is to deliver necessary change needed for our clients to stay ahead of their competitors and exceed the needs of the audiences they serve. With clear actualisation routes and roadmap, you'll crush your marketing goals.



Monitoring & Evaluation

To ensure ROI, its imperative to evaluate the performance of the campaigns across the various channels. Our digital solution is designed to effectively track, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the message within a campaign, identifying what works and lessons learnt to build stronger future campaigns.

Services include:

  • Evaluating KPIs and fiscal achievement
  • Reviewing engagement and unexpected longer term benefits
  • Taking lessons on board to build stronger future campaigns
  • Scoring the strategy and the benefits that it has been given


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